Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Bailey's Birthday!!

Hi everyone, guess what? I am three years old today. Can you believe that? I am as old as Anna now!! I live with my Mommy and her human daughter and Anna. We are so happy. My mommy is the best mommy. She takes really good care of all of us. Anna is really really spoiled but I'm not at all spoiled. I'm a very good kitty and.....pause...shhhh!! Oh there for a minute I thought I heard snickering. As I was saying I'm a very good kitty, just a .....pause....shhhh....I did hear snickering. You think I'm spoiled too don't you? Well OK I am!! But most of the time I'm good. I am very mischievous though. I get into everything and sometimes I make my Mom yell at me. I broke one of her favorite cups last weekend but she had it where I wanted to go so you really can't blame me can you?
I'm napping getting ready for my party.
OK I'm all ready are you? Look at my presents!!! Aren't' they the best.

This is my favorite treat. Would you like some? I will share with you. It is soooo good but my mommy says it really stinks and smells fishy!! I don't like any other treat except these. Anna eats lots of other treats but not me...I'm very very particular.

I got some new balls too!! I love playing catch. My Mom throws the ball and I run and catch it and bring it back to her so she can throw it again. My doctor says I act like a puppy!! Isn't he silly? My Mommy read that Cats have the intelligence of toddlers but she says I'm as smart as a first grader!! See all my pretty new balls, do you want to come play catch with me?

This is me when I was a tiny baby. Wasn't I the cutest most cuddly thing you ever saw?

Anna was a LOT bigger than I was but guess who is the biggest now? Me of course.

Here we are now taking a nap together. Can you believe I got so big when I was such a tiny baby?

I love playing in bags and boxes and whatever else I can find to crawl into. My Mom always brings home paper bags because she knows how much I love them.

I sleep in some really funny positions.

This is my real Mommy. She carried me in her tummy. Isn't she beautiful? My Mommy's Grandson is her Daddy. He was moving and Gemini lived with us for a month. I had so much fun having my Mommy here. We played and slept together all the time. Anna was so mean to her. She hissed and hunched her back at her all the time. I don't know why she was so mean. I think she was jealous because she was my mommy and Anna doesn't know her Mommy. Anna was adopted when she was a baby. Someone put her in a pet orphanage. We asked the vet if he thought I remembered my Mommy and he said he doubted it but he didn't know for sure. Well I can say I do remember her. She smelled just like me and we love each other.

I'm so glad you came to my party and looked at all my pictures. I had a lot of fun and I hope you had fun too.


Simone said...

Bailey is a very handsome cat and such a little cute bundle when he was a kitten!

Shellmo said...

What a sweetie! I hope Bailey has a wonderful birthday!

Dawnie said...

lol what a joyful post! I love it..I was wondering what those cat treats were, never seen anything like it--but will remember it for my grandcats! Happy Birthday Baily!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Happy Birthday Bailey! You are beautiful; especially that diamond of white fur on your forehead! I have never seen those treats before; my kitties might like those, too! I hope you enjoyed your birthday, and don't worry about being spoiled, You deserve it! Meow!

La Donna Welter said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Cherdecor said...

I am glad that you are having such a nice party and thank you for inviting all of us to come. I had a very nice time at your party and enjoyed smelling your treats! Have fun with your new balls!

melissa said...

I LOVE THE PHOTOS! Bailey as a kitten. HEE.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday Bailey! I hope you didn't eat all of your fishy stuff in one sitting!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Happy Birthday Bailey! I hope your day is PURR-FECT in every way! I'm sure you'll enjoy the stinky B-day treats. Maybe a few kitty breath mints may help to keep the smell at bay. Tell mom to take and post pictures of you playing "retrieve the ball" game. I'd love to see that!

Sweet Wishes,

Melissa said...

Many happy birthday wishes to Bailey.

All of your babies are so fortunate to have you as a Mommy.

Happy Sunday!

a pink-bee said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Bailey :) Your such a lucky kitty to have such a good mommy :)

TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Judy, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today! Yes! I am going to miss Fairiebee's snowflakes each month after this next year, too! They really are something fun to look forward to each month. :)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

happy Birthday, Bailey. What a handsome cat.:)

Marie Antionette said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!!!This was just a fab birthday party you had.I just enjoyed it soooo much.And guess what.I think your mommy remembers you.I don't care what the vet said.Your such a pretty kitty and I cannot believe you are so big.Will you thank your human mommy for me!!!Tell her thanks for stoping by,I always love her visits.Hugs and kisses to you...Marie Antionette

Judi said...

Happy Birthday Bailey. What a lucky little birthday kitty you are. You are so lucky to have received all those lovely toys and a special b'day dinner...and I can tell your mommy loves you lots.

Thank you for sharing your special day!
Judi & Abby too

Vintage Kitten said...

Happy Birthday Bailey, Im Izzy and I will be one year old in April. I broke one of my mummys cups recently. I was on the back of the chair being naughty and I knocked it off with my tail. Im not keen on fish I like meat just like my real mummy Tilly. My human mummy told me to wish you a Happy Birthday and say hello to your human mummy X

La Donna Welter said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment about my papercutting! : )
La Donna

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh Bailey, I hope you had a great birthday. It sure looks great, especially with all the love in your home. You're one lucky cat having such a good home. I'm going to have to try some of the bonito flakes for my cats... we've got three here now. We've been adopted by a new one. Have a great week, Judy! What a cute post.


Hi Judy,
Happy Belated Birthday to Bailey!!!
Looks like a great birthday. I don't think JB will have a nice birthday like Baileys!!!
Glad you are back...

sewtakeahike said...

Happy late birthday to Bailey!! He is such a cutie!!

Lydia said...

Hello Judy,
Happy late birthday to Bailey!
It looks as if she got many nice gifts!
Wishing you a nice day,

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Bailey! Foxy sends her regards and says hello!

Laura said...

How adorable! This post really made me smile. Thank you for posting it! Happy Birthday Bailey!