Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Corn Chowder and Peach Pie

This part of the post is for Shelly. I hope you do find the book and enjoy it. I have made pancakes, waffles, almond french toast and strata from it. It's a wonderful book with loads of variations for each recipe. It also includes soups and salads, an apricot ginger jam I want to try among other things. This fall I'm making the pear struesel coffee cake as soon as the pears get ripe. Now how divine does that sound. All the recipes are easy and she explains the steps.
I use Ina's recipe for Corn Chowder and it is divine. I had never eaten Corn Chowder before and a few years ago she made it on her show. It sounded so good I had to try it. I fell in love and now make it every summer when corn is at it's peak. For the recipe go here.
The pie is Martha's and she would totally have a stroke if she knew I used a frozen pie crust. I'm sorry Martha, please forgive me. It was an easy recipe to make and one of the best peach pie's I've had. You can get the recipe here. I just happened to have some Creme Fraiche on hand. I've been making salmon roasted with Creme Fraiche which is another post.

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!!


M.Kate said...

Aw...I would use a frozen one too, shortcut and easy. I've not eaten corn chowder before, these look way too yummy, it's mid morning and I havent eaten breakfast, so tummy's growling...happy weekend Judy/Hugs.....M

FrenchGardenHouse said... there any left??Oh my, that looks so very good.Thanks so much for visiting me today! I have added your name to my give away...
hope you are having a happy day.
xoxo Lidy

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- the visual you paint of Martha stroking out. As always, your culinary skills are amazing -- it all looks delicious!

sewtakeahike said...

Judy, you're leaving me speechless... and drooling!

Judi said...

Hi Judy
Thank you for visiting and the welcome back!
Your recipes sound delish and the pics oh myyyyy. Your corn chowder sounds so good and so full of all yumminess too!! mmmmmm I will definately try that!!

The peach pie looks like it would go so nicely with my morning coffee for goodness sake!

That looks like a good recipe book too. Thank you for sharing and for the recipes too.

have a great day

Dianne @ Poof Happy Home / The Sugar Diva said...

OH MY GOSH...THAT pie looks SO good. Please send me
And I love peaches. Thanks for making me drool..!!!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I feel so at home here at your wonderful blog. I have been dreaming of peach pie for weeks.
I am after all the unofficial president of the Peach Pie Society


JennyMac said...

That book looks fantastic! Thanks for the rec. I will be right over for your fabulous dishes.

Calming Scents said...

I"m going to try the soup. I'm a huge soup lover and never tire of them.

Peach Pie i've never had and probably wouldnt like. I'm not much of a pie lover other than apple pie.

LaundryBasketCase said...

He he, I've also been known to use frozen pastry - well it's not like I always have all day! :)
Pies are one big reason why I'd love to visit America again... I never tried eating any pies when I went years ago... next time I'm arrange my visit around finding pies to eat. Yum,and peach pie!? Looks fabulous Judy.

Melissa said...

Oh my, how delicious.

Happy Sunday!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I love corn chowder ! Yours looks so good.

PIXPICK said...

OMG... im loving it...

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I missed my dinner invite...I'd like to get my hands on that cook book too. I love unique food presentations and that cover page looks intriguing.

Corn chowder is one of my faves, especially on a cool Northwest eve.
Sometimes I make it a cheddar chowder with ham.

Sweet Wishes,

Cherdecor said...

Ha! Ha! Martha will just have to get over it! That pie looks divine!