Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anna's 4th Birthday

FINALLY!! Geez, what does it take for someone (my wonderful caring Mother whom I love very much) to turn on the computer so I can post? I have waited patiently all day! Mommy got up really really early and went to the Farmers Market to buy things that I wouldn't eat but she seems to like. And then she spent all day washing, cutting, blanching, putting stuff in bags and putting them in the freezer. I just do not understand why you humans eat vegetables. They DO NOT LOOK OR SMELL GOOD!

I do have to admit she gave me a love as soon as she woke up this morning and wished me a happy birthday. I had a wonderful day. I got a new toy and my very favorite special food. Of course I shared with Bailey. Can you believe I'm 4 years old? I still look pretty for my age don't you think? I certainly hope I'm aging well.

After all the excitement we were really really tired so we all went out on the patio to relax tonight. Mom had a glass of wine and Bailey and I just relaxed.

Do you remember when I went to the Doctor in December for my yearly checkup? Well wasn't that a horrible day? He said I had bad gums and I was fat!! I was so upset, how could a beautiful kitty like me have all those problems? I have been trying to watch what I eat and Mommy has been feeding me dental kitty food. I had to go with Bailey a few weeks ago when he had his yearly checkup so our Dr. could check me too. I was so happy!! I lost a pound and my gums are so much better. I have two spots that he wants to check when I go for my yearly check up in December. He was so happy and so was I!!
Mommy, Bailey and I wish you a really happy weekend. I would like all of you to hop over and enter this giveaway if you have time. It's awesome!! Donna does some really cool things!


Simone said...

Happy Birthday Anna! Yes! Humans do eat some weird things but my cat Gizmo actually likes to eat raw brocolli (calabrese) yuck! x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Happy Birthday Anna, you are looking as beautiful as always (and most definately not fat). My mummy has been feeding me by hand as I lie on a cushion because I hurt my paw yesterday and it has swollen to twice the size. She brought me food, biscuits and milk. Love Tilly (Jasper, Merlin and Izzy send their love too, Meow!) And Happy Birthday from Pippin the dog aswell X

Melissa said...

Sweet, sweet Anna,

Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with cat nip toys and lot's of yummy kitty treats.

And, you are so lucky to have a Mommy who loves you so much.



Happy Birthday Anna!
Age is just a number...good kitty to lose a pound and that your teeth are looking better.
Deb :)

M.Kate said...

Happy Birthday Anna :D What a fun post Judy...yep, veggies suck right but we human just got to eat them ;p

FancyHorse said...

Anna, you're looking good! Happy Birthday!!!

Cherdecor said...

Oops! I missed Anna's birthday. I am glad that she had a happy one.