Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Treasures

OK that's not a treasure, but maybe it is because I will be enjoying them later. I got so busy Saturday that I didn't get much done after coming back from the Market with loads of goodies. I know have cauliflower, green beans and corn in the freezer. I also made a batch of beets and dill pickles. So needless to say there wasn't much estate sale going. I did make it Sunday to 1/2 price day and was happy with what I found.
I love these lace curtains and wish I had a window the right size. They are in perfect condition and only cost $1.00.

The plates were only 38 cents a piece. The front are three of the same pattern.

Look at all the lace!! The price tag said there was a 100 yards and I believe it. I only paid 2.50 for the whole thing. Lace seems to be flying out of my booth. Should I separate it into two or three pieces or sell in one piece?

This is German lace and in perfect condition. I just love it. I gave up trying to spread it out so you could see it. Mr and Ms Nosy were in my way. I paid $3.50 for it. I love 1/2 price days. Hopefully this weekend I'll have more time.



I think you should divide the'll make more money. Another the pumpkins and save them for your space...I mark them 3.00 each and they sell:) Decorating a shelf or two for the seasons is a good idea...or more if you want. I also have found that they buy my old decorating magazines..1.00 each on those...of course I keep the best ones :) We have to keep thinking ahead when we "shop" for our spaces.
I haven't thought about selling lace...I have some...guess I'll try it:) Love the saucers :) I also layer gives them more ideas...
That's enough chatter...
Deb :)

Calming Scents said...

ohhhh how I love lace! you did great.

Share your recipes for pickles and beans!

Simone said...

The lace curtain is beautiful - what a find! x

Barb said...

Hi Judy,

Please tell Anna, Happy belated birthday.

You found some great items. How is the booth going?


sewtakeahike said...

You got some really great deals there Judy! I don't know what I think about cutting all that lace into smaller pieces. I'd probably sell it as is?

M.Kate said...

Judy, if I do follow you there one day, you'll have to hold on to my purse. I will be buying too much stuff and bring them all back. LOVE those plates and they are SO CHEAP!!! It cost a fortune to buy them here. people over here always throw away all their old stuff and I have never seen anyone having a garage sale which is common there. I appreciate vintage through blog land, but yours I assume are new things and still very cheap!! hold on my my purse please :D Happy week ahead...and pickles are good. I made batches of fruit enzyme a month's the latest craze here, people drinking fruit enzyme..sort of alike a fruit pickled drink. Happy week..or weekend/hugs/M

Gaby Bee said...

The lace curtain is simply wonderful!
Thanks for stopping by :-)
I always enjoy meeting new people.

Gaby xo

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh my goodness! Love the estate sale finds! I'm never that lucky!

Cherdecor said...

Your lace is beautiful! My neighbor buys all the old lacy curtains she can find. She is really into collecting lace also.
You really did find some good deals!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

that last lace's beautiful. And I love your sweet plates but I wonder why they priced them at .38 each. Strange price...:)Post your recipe for the beets....would love to have it. i

Nancy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I think you pickles and beets look really good.
I think the lace should make you more money if you divide it. Not everyone would need that much.
what a great buy it was. The curtains are nice too.

Carolyn's Designs said...

There's nothing like new Laces and ribbons ! I sell them & I still enjoy seeing a brand new spool of ribbon !! Enjoyed your site.