Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Booth

I finally remembered to take my camera with me and to actually use it. I took the camera many times and left it in my purse or just plain left it at home. I'm trying to go twice a week to straighten and take new items for sale. It is a small booth and if I do well in sales I may rent a larger one next year. I had to pay part of Junes rent but I had only been opened a week or so. I've already paid July's rent so the rest is mine. Sales have been slow but I'm sure they will pick up. I've changed things around since I took these. I try to make changes every time I go. It is work in progress. Most of my items I've purchased at estate sales but some are actually mine that I've had for years and just gotten tired of.

As I mentioned before my grandson helped me set everything up. I could not have done it without him. How often will a 25 year old boy want to help his poor granny do something this boring. He jumped at the chance when I asked him. He is such a good kid. Well OK most of time. Oh and to top it all off, he took me to dinner the night before. I made him a scrumptious breakfast before we started so he'd have lots and lots of energy. We had a green chili, sausage strata with a bowl of fruit. Thanks Jonathan! Grandma loves you!


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Judy, I have so much stuff and I keep saying I am going to have a big sale.Maybe I need to rent a booth.

Thank you again sweet Judy for the prayers.


Hi Judy,
Looking good and keep moving things around and stuff it FULL...that's what I'm learning!!
Sale should pick up in August...that's what we have found.
It looks like I could buy a few treasures at your booth.
Happy Weekend!
Deb :)

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Judy, Ive been looking forward to seeing your pictures. How exciting to have your own space. What a sweet Grandson you have X

Kim's Treasures said...

You're lucky to have such a helpful grandson! Your booth has some pretty things in it! Good luck!

sewtakeahike said...

how fun Judy! Where is your booth at? You never know when I might see you or your booth sometime!

LaundryBasketCase said...

Hi Judy, your booth looks great. I like all the crochet goodies. How lovely of your grandson to help you out.

PS: Thanks for the comment about my poppies, and I definitely saved you a slice of melktert, hmmm, not sure how it will do in the post ;)

Marie Antionette said...

I like your booth Judy ,Its very nice.I wish you good luck on your sales.They will pick up soon.XXOO Marie Antionette

Simone said...

Your booth looks great and what a lovely grandson!

M.Kate said...

aw...that is so sweet, for your grandson to help out. You have lots of great stuff there, wishing I could just pop over and have a look. Have a great week ahead :P