Monday, October 6, 2008

Hot Cottage Collectibles

I have a new book that is fabulous!! I heard about it from Lynn at The Vintage Nest. Thank you Lynn. Everytime I open it I find something to ooh and aah about. You can read about Lynn's birdhouses that are in the book here.

I just took random pictures from the book. If I took all that I loved you'd be reading all day. I hope you enjoy a tease from the book.

I am really enjoying looking at all the pictures. They are beautiful as you can see. Thank you Lynn for telling me about this wonderful book. Oh and if anyone would like a copy check here.


Cherdecor said...

Good Morning, Judy,
I enjoyed looking at all the pictures in the Vintage book. It certainly has a lot of pretty things!

When I went to the link, her carrot cake looked so good, not that I could eat it or anything, but I love that kind of cake in the fall. I must look for that mix and make it for the men in the house.

Have a wonderful day.

Heidi said...

Hi Judy! I can easily get sidetracked in my time by sitting and brouwsing through a book. I think just for a moment and an hour passes just like that. :) Great photos.

Hugs ~

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

What a lovely book!
You are such a sweet heart for sharing it with us!
Did you say there`s lions in the mountains... Wow!
That`s amazing. or, maybe not!
I doubt Alan, will want the "shed" now!LOL
Debbie & Alan

(From England)


Hi Judy,
That book is going on my Christmas wish list...I LOVE books and that one looks like a keeper:) Thanks for the tease:)
Deb :)

Melissa said...


What a great book.

I had an artist come in and paint the flower bouquet on the bathroom cabinet many years ago.

I am feeling like I will miss it, but the bathroom needs updating.


Anonymous said...

Judy, This does look like fun!

FourSistersInACottage said...

That book is know I was suppose to be in it but I could get it together with my pictures when I was going thru chemo....too bad, it would have been fun but I was in no shape to contribute. Darn it anyways, hopefully next time.
Hugs and Love, Amy (your little honey...LOL)

Barb said...

Hi Judy,

I am catching up (again). Your photo's are breathtaking. Co is so beautiful (hubby is from Arvada). I can see why he misses it, especially in the fall.

I will definitely check out the Vintage book. Thanks for the heads up.

Also, thank you so stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. I truly appreciate them.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Well you are just so sweet to mention the book and me. I still haven't finished looking at all the gorgeous things in that book. I talked to the author and she may be doing another book.

avagdro said...

Thank there for such beautiful collections.

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