Monday, June 23, 2008

Kitten Fun!!

Happy Monday everyone!! I wanted to share some funny pictures of my kittens today. I received a package from Amy at FourSistersInACottage (link over yonder) and Bailey had such a good time.

He likes getting into bags, boxes or whatever is laying around that he thinks he can get away with....well the truth is he doesn't care if he gets into trouble or not. He likes to hide under the covers when I'm making the bed. I've learned to just ignore him. It's just that my bed always looks rumpled because after he crawls out there is of course wrinkles. He is such a character.

Anna finally came over to see what all the excitement was but just thought it was childs play and moved on to more grown up things.
If you've never visited Amy stop in and say hello, she has the most fantastic treasures and I'm managing to acquire some in my house. I should have taken pictures but forgot as usual. I'm going to refinish the mirrors so you will see them later.


a pink-bee said...

What a cute post ~ gave our puppies a box and a paper tube and they loved it :) Can't wait to see your mirror redo :).

FancyHorse said...

Love your kitty pictures! We have two grown-up cats, and we can't make the bed or change the sheets without their "help"!

Thank you for your nice comment to my latest post, and for linking my blog. I'll do the same for yours!