Sunday, June 1, 2008

My First Post

Hello everyone!!! This is my very first post although I read many blogs and have always had the desire to start my own so today I'm getting my feet wet. I have my favorites of course and will try to list them all. I will probably be writing about a variety of things. I love to cook and go to flea markets and garage sales. I'd love to have my own booth someday and resell some of my treasures. I may try to open a site online so all you lovely people can shop too!!

I am single and have two adorable kittens, Anna and Bailey which I'm sure you'll hear way too much about. My daughter is living with me too so we have a house full right now.

I made a blueberry pie this morning and if I was really with it I'd have a picture to post but I have no idea how to do that. I have so much to learn. I'm also making a rack of lamb for dinner tonight. Yummy!! And alas there will be no picture of that either.

Hopefully it won't take me long to learn and you will be patient with me and even visit my new home.

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Brenda Kula said...

You'll learn. If I can, you can too! Wanted to tell you firstly, that Joanna at just started her blog a few months ago. She has a booth at an antique mall. Might want to go visit her.
And secondly, welcome to The Land Of Blog, as someone last week called it!