Monday, July 14, 2008

Flea Market Goodies

When I went to the Paris Flea Market this month Jan brought me two laundry baskets full of goodies. She is cleaning "house" as she puts it and thought I might like some of these items. I don't know why this silly picture won't post the right way but I thought it was pretty neat so you will have to tilt your head to read it.

There were some really cool items in the baskets. I tried to display them so you could see most of it.
There are several tin boxes I can use for odds and ends.

Cute basket I was going to use but Bailey claimed it. He is really too big to fit but he sure tries.

I just love all the linens. It took me all afternoon to wash and iron everything.

Jan goes to England and France to bring goodies home to sell in her booth. The lace is from France and/or England. The are so beautiful and most are in perfect shape. I hope you enjoyed seeing my treasures. The best part is she said she would have more next month. I can hardly wait. I'll have more tomorrow.


Muhamad Azim Bin Rozali said...

nice picture...hihihi..:)

Lydia said...

Hello Judy, Wow! It looks like you got some nice antiques from the flea market. Before my kids I use to go to flea markets and estate sales to look for neat antiques and shabby chick looking items. I loved doing that on the weekends.
Maybe once I get more time to myself I will go back and do more treasure hunting. Have a pleasant day!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Judy!
Your treasures are gorgeous! What a haul you made, so nice of your sister. The linens are lovely and the lace is exquisite!
I enjoyed going on your hike up the mountain! Of course I didn't get as winded as you did LOL! The photos are awesome!! I can't imagine looking down on such beauty.
Thanks for stopping by to see me. I'll be back to see more of your treasures!
Hugs, Sherry

Cherdecor said...

Oh. My. Goodness! My neighbor would go crazy over those linens! She collects them too. She teaches classes on bobbin lace so now she makes her own edges of linens and things.

You have some very nice things. I had to get up close and personal so I could see each and everything. How nice to have a sister who thinks of you.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! What a fun bunch of goodies. Like you, I especially love the linens!

Judy said...

Hi Lydia, Running around to the flea markets, antique malls and garage sales does take a lot of time. I'd love to have a lot more time to that. I thought working part time would give me more time but my days seem to fill up too quickly.

Hi Sherry, thanks so much for your nice comments. I love lace. I have loads that my Grandma crocheted and I just keep adding to my collection. I'm glad you enjoyed the hike too. I'm way to old for that stuff. My physical therapist gave me a really dirty look when I told her what I had done....she said NO MORE. At least for awhile.