Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grilled Shrimp and Pasta Salad

Actually I should call this post Dinner for One. This was the easiest and tastiest meal I've made in awhile. I don't really have a recipe so I'll just tell you what I did but it is so simple you don't really need one.
A couple of weeks ago I was at Whole Foods and buying shrimp because it was on sale. I was looking at all the fish and happened to see some shrimp skewers flavored all sorts of ways. The one that caught my eye was one with lemon and basil so I read the ingredients and decided that I could do that easily.

1 pound of shrimp
juice of 1 lemon
chopped fresh basil and parsley
1 garlic clove minced
Marinate for about 15 minutes and grill. I used my cast iron stove top grill.
I don't remember what I had with it but yesterday when I was at Whole Foods, I decided to try it again. So I bought some more shrimp and made an orzo salad to go with it.
For the salad I cooked some orzo, mixed in tomatoes, scallions, cucumbers and chopped parsley. I tossed the whole thing with a red wine vingegar and olive oil dressing. And of course kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to all the above.
I topped the salad with the shrimp, poured a nice glass of pinot grigio and had my feast.
I did have some leftovers (after my daughter raided the frig when she got home) and I'm going to chop the leftover shrimp and add to my orzo salad and take it to work tomorrow for lunch.
And now look at this scrumptious thing. Dessert!!! A lovely strawberry pie which was so so easy and so so delicious.

I made a strawberry pie last year but could not for the life of me find the recipe (and if you could see my recipe collection you'd know why) so I found this one on the food network site. It is called Our Favorite Fresh Strawberry Pie. We loved it.
That was my Saturday dinner. What did you have?


Melissa said...


You are an extraordinary cook. Wow! Everything looks so delicious.

I was going to make the tomato tart last night, but I did not read that you had to defrost the pastry 40 minutes beforehand. So, Nick made dinner.

Do you think there is hope?

Have a great day.


Melissa said...


P.S. Thank you for your confidence in me. That makes me feel better about my next attempt with cooking.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh YUM!!! That looks wonderful -- I love shrimp. I have the same recipe problem you have -- don't you hate it when that happens? It makes me SO mad when I lose a recipe, 'cause I know I still have it and it's not really lost. I made some madelines once that were fantastic but I can't remember which recipe I used. I've tried several since then, but they just aren't the same. So..did I lose the recipe, or did they just not come out as good the second time???

Barb said...

Hi Judy,

You have made me hungry. Looks like a great dinner. Congrats on your award.


Lydia said...

Hello Judy, I'm going to try the shrimp and the strawberry pie for sure. Even though I don't eat shrimp, my hubby will love this soooo much. We will all love the strawberry pie treat too. Thank you!