Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Silk Art Embroidery

Oh look no food tonight!!! When I was thinking of starting a blog I was seriously thinking of starting a food blog. I didn't want to commit to just food or one topic so I decided to do an Etc. blog. I don't know how second hand I'm being but if you think about it the recipes are second hand, the treasures I find are second hand and even the scenery are God's creations so I guess they are second had too!!
Well now for tonight's subject...a wonderful new book I received today and wanted to share. I quickly browsed and after all my evening chores are done, I'm curling up in my jammies and doing some serious reading. I heard about this book from Amy. I couldn't get the post to copy so scroll down a couple and you will see it. (Amy even advertised me...she is the sweetest) I then jumped over to this and was hooked. I wanted to take a pic of every page but settled for a few. I hope you enjoy!! The front cover is above. This is the first page....can you read it? It is autographed just for me!! The following are pictures I took randomly. If you click on them you can enlarge and get a closer look.

Aren't the pictures beautiful? Donna tells how to take care of your embroidery and how she started with her collections. It is an amazing book. I can't say enough about it. I'm in love!!!

Aren't these scissors too awesome? I'd love to have a pair.

And this is the back cover. I hope you enjoyed!!!


Melissa said...

What a gorgeous book and a treasure.


Thimbleanna said...

Wow! It looks like a great book -- I hope you have a nice, relaxing time tonight all curled up with it!

Joanne Kennedy said...

That book is full of lovely things. Did you find something to make? I have not done embroidery for years now.